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Conference »radius of art«

Welcome to the website of the international conference »radius of art«!

The conference took place on February 8th and 9th 2012 at the Beletage of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Schumannstr. 8, Berlin in Germany. 

A dossier about the conference - including, speeches, audio data, expert-reports and media feedback - can be visited at the website of the Heinrich Boell Foundation: Download Dossier >>

The programme and further information on the speakers and participants can be studied on this website.

The registration has already been closed. Those of you who will not get the chance to participate may follow some sessions via our live-stream service to be found here:

For those who will be in Berlin at the time: You are very welcome to attend the public event »The next revolution will not be funded«. The event will take place on Wednesday February 8th at 7.30 pm at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Further information here:

Download of postcard - EN (pdf)

HomeBase LAB Berlin, in collaboration with Positive Nett-Works e.V. / Open Forum is pleased to invite you to a unique event on the topic of:
'art in service': interrogating social practice
special guest: Todd Lester, Global Arts Corps / freeDimensional, New York
February 10th at 6.00 pm at HomeBase LAB, Thulestrasse 54, Berlin-Pankow. Further information here:

Download (pdf)

The conference is part of the EU / ALF-project "art-based research / research-based art", held under the aegis of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel and the Heinrich Boell Foundation Schleswig-Holstein, in partnership with Interface / University of Ulster (Belfast, UK), the International Academy of Art Palestine (Ramallah, Palestinian Territories), the Maumaus Escola de Artes Visuais (Lisbon, Portugal), 98 Weeks (Beirut, Libanon, 5533 (Istanbul, Turkey), Boell Foundation Berlin, Beirut and Ramallah, Goethe-Institute Beirut..


Place of Conference

Conference Center of
Schumannstraße 8,
10117 Berlin, Germany


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